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HCI Systems, Inc. offers information management software in a variety of configurations. Called "Managers", these modules can be assembled into packages to formulate a specific information management solution. Packages can be customized for integration with Tableau©, SharePoint©, Maximo© and other platforms. Our software is available as a software as a service subscription or it can be installed on your server. Manager modules can be assembled as stand alone applications or as an add-on module to other enterprise applications. Our software is mobile device compatible.

Our services group offers subject matter expert consulting in highly technical and complex areas such as damage limiting construction, overpressure protection, special hazards fire protection systems, combustible dust control, pressure vessels, rotating equipment, vibration analysis, piping flexibility analysis and FEA. Visit our White Pages for selected topics.

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March 2017

Licensing Fees

HCI releases Reg Manager 2017. Offers $0 license fee solutions...

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June 2015

Release of digital overlays for Asset, MI

HCI releases digital overlays for Asset, MI and Incident Tracking. Users can view information on a Google® background...

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May 2015

Tableau reporting capabilities added

HCI adds Tableau® reporting capability to Reg Manager. Users can now configure customized reports and launch from Reg Manager modules...

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